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Consultant. PodHost. Speaker.

I'm a business consultant with 15 years of experience building sales teams for fortune 500 and small business clients in addition to hosting the Building Great Sales Teams Podcast.

"Success is not owned, it is leased and the rent is due everyday." - Rory Vaden

I've helped a diverse group of businesses scale their sales programs as well as the owners brand and operating systems. Let's jump on a discovery call and find out if I can help yours too!

Along with my producer Ryan Wiggins, we have released 250+ episodes of the "Building Great Sales Teams" Podcast. We give a tactical perspective to calling your sales as well as host hundreds of guests that provide value to our listeners.

I've have several talks in my arsenal around sales, teams, entrepreneurship, mindset and branding. Event hosts appreciate that I modify my talk for my audience and even leave them with tools and documents to implement .

A great course to give your sales team access to as well as to start to develop your script, objection handling and sales training.

This course guides you on creating a opportunity road map for your sales and non salespeople

This course series organizes some of my best solo podcasts that teach you everything from compensation to culture. These are tactical and scalable.

This is everything you need to build a great sales team from scratch. It even includes the templates for your CODOC documents which are the foundation of your sales program.

Sales Program Builder

Consulting Process

Site Visits

In Person #CODOC Audits

Package Delivery

Deliverable Implementation

Follow up Calls

Measure and Adjust

Deliverable Based

Consulting Packages

Kickoff Kit

Hiring your first salesperson

  • 30 Day Engagement 15/15*

  • Strategy + Assessment Call

  • 5 Custom CODOC Docs

  • 1 Hrs Recorded Sales Training

  • BGST Course & Sales Toolkit

Deep Dive & Deploy

Delegate sales and sales management

  • 90 Day Engagement 45/45*

  • Strategy + Assessment Call

  • 5 Implementation Calls

  • 9 Custom CODOC Doc’s

  • 2 Custom Rec. Sales Trainings

  • Podcast Episode & Promotion

  • BGST Course Access

Build and Scale

Empower your team to scale rapidly.

  • 180 Day Engagement 90/90*

  • 14 Custom CODOC Docs

  • 10 Implementation Calls

  • Custom Sales Reporting

  • Custom Sales Training Library

  • Podcast Episode/Promotion (2)

  • BGST Training Center

  • BGST Course Access

* X days to build program / assess X days post build

By the numbers

Consulting is as much about deriving strategy and deliverables from experience as it is about being on top of new trends and effective processes.



Sales Reps Trained



My Sales Org Commissions

Speaking Engagements

Badass Business Summit

I got the opportunity to pour into Success Champions Network at their annual Summit in Dallas, Texas. I participated in the sales panel and answered a ton of questions from solo sales tips to hiring your first salesperson.

Feel the Impact Conference

We had a blast at this one, getting to enjoy some golf in between speakers. I was asked to do a presentation for United Way Chapters about utilizing their CRM to gain donors and volunteers.

Upcoming: ROOF CAMP

Incredibly excited to run several workshops for Roof Camp 23'. This is an intimate and rural conference dedicated to the tactical elevation of the attendees businesses before they leave the event!

It's about pulling what works out of you and your business and systematizing it for your current and new salespeople. You are the key.

We can also have ops based packages for running your business.

What actual client's are saying.

Real Results, not fluff.


Neil Fairley

Turf Pro's

"Doug is a man of his word, if he says he's going to do something, he does it. I absolutely recommend hiring Doug, you won't regret it."


Ryan Goldman

Clae Solutions

"He's done an absolutely incredible job, so good we ended up hiring him for another 90 days."


Adam Dupuis

Wildman Firewood

"If you're considering hiring Doug just make the jump, pull the trigger and go for it!"

Frequently Ask Questions

Are results guaranteed?

No. I have very little control on implementation and execution since I am not running this program for your team. However DELIVERABLES are guaranteed and I always over deliver for my clients. If you'd like references see above or message me individually and I'll get you details on results.

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How long does it take and how much does it cost?

It's consulting not a fast food order so every package is custom tailored for you needs, however 1 on 1 consulting ranges from 5k to 25k. After that if you'd like to keep my involved I have a fractional CSO offer I can quote which is 2500 to 5000/mo depending on expectations and time.

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Will you do payments?

Yes of course, if we sign a payment agreement we can break the cost up over 30 to 90 days depending on the package.

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